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A new revolution in the trucking industry of KSA

One of the largest per capita movement in the world

Local Transportation with Global standards

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Why Truckin

Why Trucking?

Lorries Parked In Line

Revolutionizing and Standardizing the ground transport industry in KSA 

TRUCKING does it through:

An easy access into the trucking world with a touch of a button. 

Save time, effort, money (mafia) and a tension-free dealing to create a peaceful experience.

Instant rides for truck drivers. The truck driver will have his next trip ready as he’s arriving his destination. 

Safe, sure, legal and easy payments through our payment gateways including VAT compliance.

Multiple language options for drivers from different ethnicities.

How Trucking Works

As a Customer

Book Your Ride

  • Select a pick-up and a drop-off point. 

  • Select the type of truck and get an estimated price. 

  • Choose your desired date and time for loading. 

Follow Up Your Ride

  • Track truck location & Estimated Time for Arrival (ETA)

  • Check up on any constraints or delays. 

  • Track and get details and insights through our Fleet Management System.

Image by Robinson Greig
How Truckig Works
Image by Pascal Meier

As a Trucker

  • Look for booking requests on your selected city routes. 

  • Receive instant payments. 

As a TRUCKING Service Provider"

  • Add multiple drivers 

  • Manage Payments, track income and expenses through the dashboard. 

  • Track and get details and insights through our Fleet Management System.

Trucks Parked In Line
Image by Siyuan


Sa'ad - GM

Trucking has never felt easier.

Irshad - Procurement

Our raw materials are delivered timely boosting our production output significantly. Thanks to the team at Truc-King.

Noor - Logistics Head

We have found a great long-term partner for ground transport requirements.

Image by Joseph Paul

Timeless Booking:

TRUCKING provides 24/7 booking capabilities for all your requests.

Safe & Quick Payments:

Customers and Drivers can make transactions through bank transfers.


We ensure both our clients and customers are aware of all the booking details.

Re-shaping Ground Transport.

Get in touch with our team, for a detailed walk-through into the new world trucking

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